by grogblogger

It was the most anticipated day of the year, bigger than elections, bigger than Obama supporting the gays, it was even BIGGER THAN A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!!

Of course until the day actually came and no-one really cared anymore and had much better things to do than sticky tape posters that would use the entire contents of their inkjet printers to walls that no ever looked at anyway.

Ahh, the cover the night saga, that amounted to nothing.

The cities where not blanketed like promised, the towns were not painted with the warlords face, the campaign did not plaster “every city, on every block”. I WANT MY MONEY BACK INVISIBLE CHILDREN, YOU HAVE NOT DELIVERED!

It left me pondering the many great questions of life, such as: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KONY!

Most definitely,  it was the public relations mishap with Invisible Children founder Jason Russell and his personal dilemmas. The organisation had failed to regain the initial strong following, after Jason’s efforts in stripping down and yelling at bypassing traffic.

The overwhelming nature of reports of cover the night were dismal, to say the least. KONY 2012 had gone from prime time slot, front page news, to page 48, next to the personal ad for ‘man seeks man for casual company’. Yes, very dismal indeed.

The initial campaign was a great success, but Invisible Children will have a hard time from here on out getting the support they once had. As one person tweeted (yeah, that’s right, only 1 person tweeted about KONY):

“Find the silence around #KONY12 interesting. It’s muted embarrassment on prior supporters, mixed from quiet smugness from detractors”