‘Being bad ayse is a full-time job’


Amongst all the KONY 2012 ‘hoo-haa’ that went on, there was one organisation who was seemingly quiet on the matter. Invisible Children shared their views with most of the world, and in each country this viral marketing campaign spread through, there was an accompanying opinion on whether this was a legitimate cause.

Until… the devil speaks!

Invisible Children had been successful in making KONY famous, and every man and his dog had something to add, but the LRA had their side of the story too, and nobody imagined the lengths they could tell it in.

As it turns out, it took them 19 pages.

In this space they branded and shamed not only Invisible Children, but the entire population of the United States of America.

The response from the LRA states that this humanitarian front by Invisible Children is part of a grand scheme by the US to control the Nile and Congo basins/valleys in Central Africa, as they are threatened by other serious economic powers such as China. The primary message to take away from the statement reads that Barack Obama and the US administration have used this media militia to sanitise and justify a US military presence in Central Africa. The ideas they raise hold similar weight to the moral panic that was created around the ‘War on Weapons of Mass Destruction’ by George Bush.

“The Invisible Children’s recent electronic/social media offensive not only insults the intelligence of the people’s of the world, but is intended to divert the attention of the victims of repression of the regime of the army republic of Uganda from the evil US game plan in the Nile/Congo River valleys and basins/Central Africa Zone”