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Month: March, 2012

The grandeur of Kony

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”

The Invisible children have created what is to be known as the fastest spreading video to date. Through social media, the KONY 2012 campaign has spread like wildfire. But what role has social media played in the success of this circulation.

There are particular reasons that are attributed to how well the campaign was received, and the simplification of the issue has caused not only the success, but too the critique of the approach to solving the problem at hand.

Social media has been used as in informal platform, to turn its audience from passive consumers to active campaigners. The Invisible Children have successfully made it seem as though this is not only a problem worth fighting for, but also a problem with a solution. And their solution is not long hard months of groundwork, but it follows a three-step program of informing, fundraising and action.

Two of these three steps they have made accessible to not only specialist in politics and activism, but to everyday folk from the comfort of their home. How?: A simple click of a button. The KONY 2012 campaign asks you to sign the pledge, and share the story (at the very least, and then in addition send them thirty bucks).

Social media, in this instance and as it acts everyday, plays the role of the jocks and hotties in high school.  Just like you wore a skirt above your knees so as not to be the target of segregation, social media requires of you to know the latest trend (and let people know you’re on top of it) in a digital world, where your virtual footprint has become inerasable, but your visibility within your online presence is essential.

And hasn’t it worked well.

Thinking of the concept philosophically, the KONY 2012 campaign has made ‘not doing anything’ as equally influential in terms of change as ‘making a choice’. By not ‘making a choice’ to share the extravaganza that they have made oh-so-accessible, you in turn become an accessory to the crimes being committed.


The ABC – upstanding media journalism in a concentrated ownership world

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a longstanding credibility as    the politically uninterrupted programmer for free content into the homes of all Australians, nationwide. They have a long list of mission statements, reports, charter policy documents, and are seemingly willing and prepared for all forms of criticism, feedback and complaints into managing their public profile accordingly.

But when a revolution of great heights appears out of nowhere, even the ABC cannot resist riding the coattails of the media insurgence that came about from KONY 2012.

Of the two networks that are free to air in Australia and aim to provide a thorough journalistic approach to world news and current affairs, the ABC and SBS, on the whole, seem to do a fairly successful job in getting things done without ‘slagging’ competitive networks.

The ABC only managed to produce 3 out of the 38 stories that had mention to Joseph Kony or the Lord’s Resistance Army pre-March 2012, and despite the fact that they advertise their ‘Editorial Independence’ it would seem as though the personal journalistic gain of mentioning ‘KONY 2012’ would prove too tempting for the ABC journalistic team.

One may even assume, that reporting on the topical issue would run up a nomination for the coveted journalistic prize, The Walkleys.

Most certainly, SBS journalist Aaron Lewis deserved his nomination for the award, with SBS providing only 18 stories mentioning either Jospeh Kony or the Lord’s Resistance Army, and of this 18, 5 of them were pre-KONY campaign. Not to mention, the thirteen stories that were reported post-KONY 2012 5 were the same stories available in English, Fillipino, Turkish, Chinese, German or AFRICAN! Good on you SBS, for providing a world news event in AFRICAN, relating to AFRICA, and relevant to the 7.3% of our population that was born in Africa, keeping in mind this figure does not account for our migrants.